AFL Introduces Updated Fanout Kits


SPARTANBURG, SC – AFL, a manufacturer of fiber optic cable, equipment, and accessories, is introducing fanout kits that route 250 μm fibers into 900 μm buffer tubes ready for termination. The fanout kits feature a unique clear outer body, large diameter fiber entry holes, quick and easy installation, and organizational effectiveness.

Unlike traditional fanout kits that utilize a black, opaque body, AFL engineered a clear plastic outer body to assist in network troubleshooting. Signal attenuation can now be induced at the outer fibers within the body of a fanout kit at the time of installation, while traditional options masked the use of a visible light source to identify the issue. AFL’s clear body allows for the escaping red light of the VFL to be easily identified without manipulating the product, reducing overall troubleshooting time, getting the network up and running faster without additional cost.

Additional Features
The fanout kits also feature a clear outer body that is slit in order to quickly slip over the installed buffer tube, slide up and over the frame, and firmly lock into position. With a new stacking feature, multiple fanout kits can be placed on top of each other, reducing the amount of space used in the back of fiber management panels and increasing the organizational effectiveness of the install.

Another design element incorporated into the fanout kits is an increased opening that creates a conical funnel to speed the process of placing fibers within the tubes. With larger entry holes, efficiency increases for installers resulting in greater cost savings per job. Easily installed in minutes, these kits accommodate input cables from 2.0 - 3.8 mm in diameter. Color-coded 900 μm buffer tubes allow for easy identification of individual fiber channels.




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