18-County Broadband Project Underway in Nevada County, CA

  • The Central Valley Next Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project
  • Vast Networks
FRESNO, CA – The Central Valley Next Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project has begun construction in Nevada County, CA. The 1,300 mile fiber optic broadband network infrastructure will cover an 18-county region from north of Colusa to south of Bakersfield in the Valley and from Nevada City to Mariposa in the Sierras. The network will be constructed and operated by CVIN and marketed under the brand name, Vast Networks, which will offer communications services including broadband, voice, and advanced data applications throughout the 18-county project area. The Nevada County Office of Education, Nevada Library, and Nevada UHSD will all get upgraded services as a result of this project.

The project will use optical fiber to bring Gigabit broadband service to the region – a massive, “future-proof” network featuring dramatically higher speeds, capacities, critical redundancy, and flexibility that older technologies don’t allow. The goal is to provide commercial services, as well as deliver low cost bandwidth to local ISPs in order to facilitate greater availability and competitive prices in the region.


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