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SAN JOSE, CA — 3 Rivers Communications has eliminated 80 percent of experience-degrading service limit hits thanks to advanced analytics and insights from Calix Marketing Cloud. Already an AXOS customer and aggressively deploying Calix premises systems to 75 percent of its subscribers, the rural communications service provider (CSP) has intelligently matched subscribers on both its copper and fiber internet services to the appropriate service tiers. The result has been a massive decrease in the number of subscribers suffering from an inconsistent experience due to exceeding their service maximum. 3 Rivers is working with the Calix Customer Success Services team to accelerate its ability to capture the marketing insights to upgrade subscribers in lower service tiers. The rural CSP generated insights with Calix Marketing Cloud, revealing service limit hits and addressing subscriber issues that could be avoided with the offer of a higher speed tier. The Calix Marketing Cloud platform revealed the insights, but it was Calix Customer Success services that partnered with 3 Rivers to make the analytics actionable. The rural CSP then targeted those customers with an offer to upgrade them to the appropriate service tier.

“By removing the artificial ceiling that existed, our subscribers are now able to stream, game, work remotely, and take advantage of all the other services the internet has to offer,” said Don Serido, marketing director for 3 Rivers Communications. “In addition, we still have room for them to upgrade within our broadband speeds. Having the data to improve our subscribers’ experience across the board positions us as their trusted provider for delivering value for the long term. The Calix Customer Success Services team has been with us every step of the way, and we look forward to continuing that relationship as we evolve our service offerings.”

Managing Seasonal Traffic Patterns

3 Rivers serves approximately 14,000 broadband subscribers in rural Montana, but its coverage area also includes the famous Big Sky Resort, causing traffic patterns to vary dramatically by season. Most of its subscribers were still on legacy service tiers with the vast majority—more than 80 percent—on the lowest one. The results over a 28-day period were telling, as subscribers experienced limit hit averages of 84 per day downstream and 47 per day upstream.

“We consider Calix Marketing Cloud to be the ‘Customer Experience Cloud,’ and this is a case where it really makes sense,” said Martha Galley, vice president of customer engagement for Calix. “3 Rivers has invested in the insights necessary to tailor their service offerings, dramatically improving subscriber satisfaction and creating new revenue opportunities. These insights will allow them to maximize the investments they are making to build out an exceptional network. We look forward to continuing to grow our partnership with this innovative rural CSP and helping them to not only enhance the experience they deliver to subscribers but to capitalize on it as well.”



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