300 Mbps Internet Speeds Now Available in TDS Fiber Optic Footprint

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CHICAGO - TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS) introduced 300 Mbps Internet service in parts of Tennessee, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Georgia and Minnesota. The 300 Mbps speed is available to customers in select areas within the company’s fiber optic footprint. Earlier this year, TDS announced availability of 100 Mbps Internet service.

In addition to launching 300 Mbps Internet speeds, TDS announced that TDS TV is now available in the Hollis, N.H. area and to an expanded portion of the Halls, Tenn. community. In both of these communities, TDS is also bringing Fiberville. The concept rewards residents and neighborhoods with special offers and discounts once 15 percent of the neighborhood pre-registers for TDS TV service. When this happens, “Fiberville” status is achieved and each pre-registered household can choose an upgrade—free HD or Internet speed upgrade—for life.

“We are really excited to deliver 300 Mbps of high-speed Internet service and to be expanding TDS TV availability in more communities,” says Shane West, vice president of consumer marketing & product development at TDS. “It’s truly world-class service and demonstrates TDS’ ongoing commitment to innovation and leveraging technology to provide some of the fastest speeds possible to our customers.”

TDS continues to upgrade its fiber optic network to deliver the bandwidth customers want and need. The new 300 Mbps Internet is available alone or as part of a TDS TV bundle. Powered by Mediaroom, TDS TV features more than 260 all-digital channels (including HD), video-on-demand, pay-per-view, picture-in-picture channel surfing, and instant channel change. It also includes a Connected-Home DVR, which links all TVs together in a home giving full DVR functionality to each set-top box. Wireless set-top boxes are also available.

Remote PC Support
Included with TDS’ new 300 Mbps high-speed Internet service is Remote PC Support. In addition to receiving unlimited access to technical support, Remote PC Support provides assistance with device setup, computer cleanup, PC optimization, advanced Internet troubleshooting, and wireless device configuration.

“Remote PC Support is one of our most popular products for a reason,” West says. “You can get the help you need, without having to physically take your computer anywhere. The technicians connect remotely and work directly on our customer’s computers. No heavy lifting or being without your computer for days. It’s a great service and a great addition to our new 300 Mbps Internet.”

In Hollis, TDS plans to begin the first neighborhood installations of TDS TV and 300 Mbps in January; installations in remaining neighborhoods should begin sometime this spring. Residents can get updates on when TDS TV and 300 Mbps will be available in their community, as well as track their neighborhood’s progress toward Fiberville status, at TDSfiber.com.

In 2014 TDS plans to continue expanding TDS TV to other N.H. communities including New London, Andover, Boscawen and Salisbury.


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