3M Closure Weatherproofs Fiber-to-the-Antenna Installations

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AUSTIN, TX - Wireless communications service providers looking to protect their mobile data networks from signal integrity issues and service interruptions due to weather conditions can take advantage of a new 3M closure that is designed to fit into congested areas at antennas and remote radio units (RRUs). Sealing gel in the core of the closure displaces air, helping prevent corrosion.

The new 3M Slim Lock Closure for wireless applications weatherproofs coaxial jumper cable connections on cell towers where 7/16 DIN connectors are used. The compact closure protects connections at antennas and RRUs, fitting easily in areas where multiple connections are spaced closely together.

Today’s fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) cell tower architectures demand a new type of weatherproofing solution. Traditional weatherproofing methods, such as tapes and mastics, are no longer practical options for new tower technologies. The Slim Lock Closure is designed with a narrow body to fit into congested areas, such as compact, tower-mounted RRUs and connection-rich multiband, multiservice antennas.

The Slim Lock Closure provides robust protection from the environment. The hard plastic closure body snaps around the connection and latches shut, sealing out water. A sealing gel inside the closure conforms to the connection, displacing air so that condensation cannot occur, further protecting the connection from corrosive moisture.

Typically, a tower hand can install a Slim Lock Closure in a minute or less, minimizing installation time and cost. No tools are required for installation, further reducing costs.

Once installed, Slim Lock Closures can be repeatedly opened and closed for maintenance and testing, an important feature now that PIM testing has become a routine part of quality assurance processes. Moreover, the closure can be re-entered without disconnecting the antenna and interrupting service, making visual inspections quick and simple.


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