3M Crimplok+ Connector Allows Fast, Gel-Free Fiber Installation

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AUSTIN, TX – The 3M Communication Markets Division released the Crimplok+ Connector, an FTTx field-mounted connector for 900 ?m single-mode fiber that meets indoor and outdoor performance requirements without a splice, gel or adhesive. 3M says it will allow operators to perform fast, easy field installation of fiber connectors without sacrificing reliability.

The SC-compatible Crimplok+ Connectors combine the speed and ease of installation of mechanical splice connectors with the performance of fusion splice-on connectors. A metallic element in the connector mechanically locks the fiber in place. The connector is designed without a splice, eliminating a potential optical loss point. The absence of gel or adhesive alleviates performance concerns historically associated with mechanical connectivity.

Faster and Less Craft-Sensitive
The installation process for Crimplok+ Connectors is faster and less craft-sensitive than the common field-installation method of fusion splicing. Technicians can quickly and easily install Crimplok+ Connectors using simple hand tools. To install, the fiber is cleaved, inserted through the connector and locked in place using the Crimplok+ Protrusion Setting Tool.

The fiber tip is polished with the Crimplok+ Nano Finishing Tool, a handheld device that uses a polishing film and an orbital mechanism and operates with a single turn of a knob.

Crimplok+ Connectors have a streamlined boot attached to the body, minimizing the chance of the technician's losing or forgetting to include it during the termination process. The boot also keeps the fiber from kinking during side pull.

The connector is thermally balanced and is tested for indoor and outdoor FTTP and premises application conditions from -40° F to 167° F. The APC version of the connector maintains optical reflections of less than -60 dB. The connectors are RoHS compliant.


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