3M Easy Cleaver Simplifies Fiber Installation at Lower Cost

AUSTIN, TX — Fiber installation is faster and more cost effective with the new 3M Easy Cleaver, which complements 3M’s existing fiber connectivity portfolio of simple-to-install field-mounted connectors and mechanical splices. With significantly less upfront capital expense and no specialized training required, the new tool helps enable service providers and contractors to meet the increasing subscriber demand for fiber even faster.

No Maintenance or Blade Rotation
Each Easy Cleaver provides approximately 120 precise flat cleaves with an fiber clamping design and a diamond wire cleaving mechanism instead of a blade. Therefore, the Easy Cleaver requires no maintenance or blade rotation. The tool is included with select packages of 3M No Polish Connectors, 3M Crimplok + Connectors and 3M Fibrlok II Splices.

“We believe the Easy Cleaver will revolutionize installation of fiber to the home,” said Cheryl Liu, product marketing manager, 3M Communication Markets Division. “With the ever-increasing demand for rapid fiber deployment, we saw the need for an easy-to-use, inexpensive fiber cleaver that could be deployed quickly. This new tool allows telecommunications services providers to put more cleavers in the hands of installers with no specialized training required, thereby increasing overall installation speed and breadth.”

Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Fiber Installations
Lightweight and durable, the Easy Cleaver is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fiber installation. The tool is compatible with buffered, jacketed and drop cables and includes strip and cleave length markings appropriate for 3M connector and splice installations. After completing approximately 120 cleaves as indicated by the life cycle counter, the tool should be disposed of per company practice.


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