3M Introduces ClearTrack Fiber Pathway

AUSTIN, TX — The 3M Clear Track Fiber Pathway provides an aesthetic pathway for indoor residential or office applications. The pathway captures and routes a single 900 μm 3MTM Clear Fiber to the desired outlet or terminal location, while remaining virtually invisible. 3M Clear Track Fiber Pathway features a 3M proprietary adhesive backing material with easy-peel liner. Application involves no staples, no heat, no coming soon fluid adhesive or bulky raceways. To install, simply remove the liner and apply adhesive-backed surface to wall or molding.

The 900 μm 3M Clear Fiber can be easily laid and captured with simple intuitive tooling. The flexible, continuous Clear Track can be easily routed around corners and radiused or irregular surfaces. The unique fiber restraints and conformable adhesive help to capture and provide durability to the fiber drop.


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