3M One Pass Fiber Pathway Adds MPO Connector

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AUSTIN, TEXAS - To enable faster, easier and less costly deployment of fiber to multiple dwelling units (MDUs), the 3M One Pass Fiber Pathway - a solution for installing fiber drops along high-rise hallways - is now available with a multi-fiber push-on (MPO) connector. This eliminates the need for numerous fiber distribution terminals (FDTs), discrete adapters and ribbon-to-SC connector fan-outs. 3M says that its new connectorization solution for the One Pass product can reduce costs beyond the 35 percent savings per floor (compared with other horizontal cabling methods) that the standard One Pass solution makes possible.

Advances in MPO connectors, including significant improvements in performance and durability, led 3M to incorporate an MPO connectorization strategy in its fiber pathway product. The new 3M One Pass Fiber Pathway with MPO Connector allows six or 12 fibers to be terminated in one quick step. The product also eliminates the need for large FDTs on every floor, a significant material savings.

Instead of terminating the One Pass duct at a large FDT designed to house 12, 24 or more discrete connections, the One Pass with MPO duct is terminated in a much smaller and less expensive wall box that contains a single MPO adapter in the stairwell or access space at the end of each hallway. Riser-rated MPO-to-MPO jumpers connect the 3M One Pass Fiber Pathway with MPO Connector to the fiber distribution hub in the building basement or ground floor.

The original 3M One Pass Fiber Pathway, introduced in 2009, is a flexible, surface-mount, adhesive-backed indoor drop cable and cable pathway system that is installed simultaneously in just one pass around the perimeter of an MDU hallway. An exclusive 3M technology adhesive bonds the product to virtually any wall surface, including painted concrete. The duct itself is also paintable, allowing it to blend into just about any decor.


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