3M Tower Dome Terminals Offer Plug-and-Play Connectivity

AUSTIN, TX – A new product family from the 3M Communication Markets Division offers wireless network operators an easy, scalable and flexible method for managing fiber and power cables at the cell site. 3M Tower Dome Terminals simplify cable management, weatherproof sensitive connections, and enable quick and easy installation, leading to reduced operating costs and improved network reliability.

3M Tower Dome Terminals offer solutions for fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) cabling configurations commonly used in advanced 3G and LTE/4G networks, including trunked fiber cables, power cables and hybrid cables. The terminals are used at the cell site where fiber and power feeder cables connect to the jumper cables leading to remote radio units (RRUs).

Design Features:

  • The plug-and-play External Cable Assembly Module (ECAM) system, exclusive to 3M, enables fast, craft-friendly installation and sealing. The system allows cables to be prepared for installation on the ground at the cell site and/or factory. On the tower, the ECAM plugs containing the cables simply snap into the terminal ports, so the tower hand spends less time in the air performing cumbersome tasks, such as sealing and strain-relieving cable ports.

  • The IP68-rated terminals (with integrated fixed O-ring) provide a highly reliable, weather-tight seal and reduce the chance of installation error, helping to protect network reliability.

  • A tool-less dome latching mechanism allows quick sealing and re-entry for easy changes and maintenance.

  • Designed to enhance performance and signal integrity, the terminals separately manage fiber and power cables and accommodate standard fiber bend radius specifications.

  • The terminal’s modular design allows the addition of optional surge protectors or power terminal blocks, enhancing system flexibility. The product family can accommodate up to 12 RRUs.

  • The terminal’s small, sturdy mounting bracket and low-profile design help reduce tower loading and further simplify installation.


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