ND Telcos Complete 10,000-Square-Mile FTTH Project

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JAMESTOWN, ND – The largest fiber-to-the-home network in North America - and possibly in the world - has been completed in North Dakota, Governor Jack Dalrymple announced today. All the homes and businesses in a 10,000-square-mile region of south central North Dakota - an area about as big as the state of New Jersey - have now been upgraded to fiber optic connections.

The project was undertaken by Dakota Central Telecommunications (DCT) and Dickey Rural Networks (DRN), two independent telecom cooperatives with contiguous service areas. Both companies began their fiber overbuilds more than eight years ago and invested more than $90 million in the upgrades. Keith Larson, general manager of DCT, says, “Broadband over a fiber optic connection is far superior to any other technology, including wireless. It provides the bandwidth, security and reliability critical to rural economic development.” DRN general manager Jeff Wilson adds, “The completion of the North Dakota fiber-to-the-home project is a testament to the cooperative model. Our member-owned companies strive to bring the latest in technologies to rural North Dakota at fair, sustainable prices. Fiber will allow us to support the innovations that come next.”

How FTTH Is Being Used
In addition to providing entertainment and Web surfing for North Dakota residents, the FTTH network is also being used to improve residents' quality of life. For the elderly and those battling diseases or injuries, fiber allows for home health care. For example, a rural health provider is working with DRN on robotic home health devices to administer tests and medications and report statistics to the hospital over a fiber connection.

In addition, many residents - including an international business executive, the director of the North Dakota Dairy Association, the operator of a start-up winery and a natural-supplement distributor - are using their fiber connections to work or run businesses from home. Larger businesses are also using the fiber to connect far-flung offices.


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