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Fargo, ND702 Communications, a competitive exchange carrier and DISH Network private cable operator that provides services in the Fargo-Moorhead area, is using a digital HDTV distribution "dish-in-a-box" solution from Pace International to support new MDU properties and gain digital subscribers.

702 Communications launched the L-band satellite distribution solution in 40 apartment buildings, condos and other communities to gain subscriber growth from new access to DISH Network HD and standard-definition programming. The product, available exclusively from Pace International, allows a telco or other operator to provide a triple play in multifamily buildings that range from fourplexes to 100-plus-unit properties. Jim Walter, CEO of 702 Communications, says, "The solution has saved us time during deployment and money for our infrastructure costs. We are also pleased with the small footprint of this solution in our buildings.”

Minnesota-based Pace International is the only national hardware and content distributor for DISH Network private cable operators to offer the product along with a suite of hardware and content support solutions for operators in the MDU and commercial marketplace. For more information, see http://www.paceintl.com/solutions/JATVinabox/.

“Pace is well-positioned to provide telcos with a single partner who can help them ‘Just Add TV’ to their voice and data services and gain the retention value of a triple-play offer,” says Opie Williams, VP of sales. “This solution gives operators a great way to deploy digital TV in mid-market-sized MDU properties with a scalable solution and small investment.”


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