AccessKenya Launches FTTP Solution for Property Developers

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NAIROBI, KENYA - Corporate Internet and IT solutions provider AccessKenya Group launched a fiber-to-the-premises solution targeted at property developers and investors in the building and construction industry. The FTTP solution, which it calls “Intelligent Properties,” is aimed at suporting building management systems to enhance efficiency in managing essential services in residential and commercial buildings.

Speaking at a forum with key stakeholders in the construction industry, AccessKenya Group CEO Jonathan Somen said the company is eager to exploit the potential of technology-aided development such as building management systems even as it diversifies its product portfolio. He called the potential of FTTP in the building and construction industry "enormous."

Mr. Somen noted that the AccessKenya Group has invested heavily in building a robust, future-proof fiber network. “We have over 300 kilometers of fiber in Nairobi and Mombasa, complemented by a robust wireless network in all major towns in Kenya. Our entire network is IP-based, and this means that it can accommodate a wide range of technology applications,” he said.

Building management systems encompass a variety of technologies across commercial, industrial, institutional and domestic buildings, including energy management systems and building controls. The function is central to "intelligent buildings"; its purpose is to control, monitor and optimize building services, such as lighting; heating; security, CCTV and alarm systems; access control; audiovisual and entertainment systems; ventilation, filtration and climate control.

AccessKenya Group Retail Manager Diana Mulili says the company will be working with turnkey solutions providers in deploying the solution.


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