ACME Selects Inca Networks Video Platform to Deliver IPTV over FTTH

  • Inca Networks
VANCOUVER — Inca Networks announced that ACME Communications (ACME) has selected Inca’s Intelligent Video Delivery solution to process, monitor and deliver their digital TV service on the ACME fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network. ACME, a local exchange carrier that provides telephone and Internet to residents in Michigan City and La Porte, Indiana, recognized the need to evolve and invest in FTTH to maintain their leadership position in an all-IP telecommunications environment. The Inca IP video platform was pivotal in helping them grow into a full-service digital, triple-play provider offering IPTV service over their fiber optic network.

A Single, Unified Interface Across All Video Delivery Equipment
“It became obvious to us that in order to stay competitive, we couldn’t continue to lease lines from incumbent operators. We had to build our own network. Video is a challenging business and making smart investments in infrastructure is key. We were looking for a single, unified interface across all video delivery equipment to enable efficient configuration, operation and troubleshooting. Inca helped us build a system that met our unique requirements and surpassed our expectations in both performance and service,” said William Richey, CEO of ACME Communications.

ACME chose to deploy Inca equipment to cost-effectively process, monitor and deliver its own content in house, rather than relying on expensive third-party services. ACME has standardized on Inca equipment for its video headend. Inca provides the platforms that demultiplex all satellite video and music channels, convert legacy IRD output from ASI to IP streams, receive 8VSB off-air broadcast channels and enable analog edge encoding of local content. ACME now offers 202 digital channels – including 146 HD channels – and 47 digital music channels over their FTTH network.

All Seeing Eye
One of the key factors in ACME choosing Inca was their All Seeing Eye (ASE). The All Seeing Eye provides sophisticated visual monitoring and an overview mosaic of all the IP video streams in the headend by leveraging the embedded monitoring capabilities included in every Inca product. This allows any member of the ACME team to interactively oversee their network using any web browser, and to quickly troubleshoot any issues.

“With other vendors, we had to go to each individual box and check the logs to try and determine where the problems were. The Inca All Seeing Eye enabled us to monitor and manage our system visually, from a single central location. The embedded monitoring included in all Inca products was a significant cost savings for us,” says Richey. “We wanted our staff to learn one system and not have to struggle with understanding four or five different systems and multiple interfaces. Inca’s next-generation interface is way ahead of any competitor’s offerings.”

Inca’s video delivery equipment has also been instrumental in enabling ACME to expand and deploy digital TV solutions beyond traditional residential users. ACME now provides services for schools, financial institutions and health care facilities over their fiber optic network. One example is Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation (PHM). PMH is using Inca’s HD AVC Encoder 3410 for their in-school TV studios to deliver school programming such as morning announcements and the Inca SD Encoder and Receiver 3210 to receive off-air channels such as ABC, PBS and NBC for multicast across their existing Ethernet network.


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