Adams Breaks Ground with Fiber to the Home in Quincy, Ill.

QUINCY, IL — Adams Fiber and the city of Quincy have announced plans to bring fiber-based ultra high-speed Internet access to homes in Quincy. Adams Fiber will provide gigabit Internet with the highest speeds available for Internet and home telephone service.

“Becoming a Fiber City is a real selling point for Quincy,” said Mayor Kyle Moore. “Having technology at this level available is a real boost to our community. A reliable, state-of-the-art infrastructure like this provides more value to our residents.”

Crystal Clear Voice and Data Transmissions
Fiber optic cable has the ability to carry large amounts of data and allows Adams to stay on the cutting edge as technology evolves. Voice and data transmissions over fiber are crystal clear and less susceptible to interruptions caused by outside sources. Mike Ridder, Director of Business Development for Adams, says, “It’s always been our mission to bring innovation to the area. Fiber technology is literally future-proof. I like to say fiber is faster than fast. . .people won’t believe how immediate it is. Today, customers need and demand more and more bandwidth…and fiber delivers.”

Residents Sign Up for Pilot Fiberhood
Adams has been offering fiber to many Quincy businesses since 2005 and to the rural communities they serve since 2007. Adams will break ground in their pilot “Fiberhood” in mid-July, near John Wood Community College. Prior to breaking ground, Adams secured service contracts with over 40 percent of the residents in the specific neighborhood. Residents can check their neighborhood for fiber availability at Follow the Fiber.

“Fiber is breakthrough technology that will dramatically change the way users connect with their world,” Jim Broemmer, chief executive officer of Adams, says. “We fully expect our customers to have a much better overall customer experience with faster Internet and local customer service and support. Adams is very excited to bring this technology to Quincy.”

Adams has over 60 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, providing telephone and broadband Internet services in places where there was previously little or no coverage. The company is well known for business communication, Internet offerings and for investing in communities to further economic development.


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