AddOn Introduces New Fiber Testing Solution


TUSTIN, CA — AddOn Networks, an independent manufacturer of compatible transceivers and high-speed cabling, announced the launch of its new testing solution that detects problems within optical fibers. AddOn’s EON-NSV-OTDR devices rapidly locate and report any faults in an optical fiber link of a communication network – saving service providers time and money by allowing them to quickly address the root cause of any issues.

The detection of problems within optical fibers is critical to maintaining a reliable network, and AddOn’s EON-NSV-OTDR solution can be configured to provide real-time monitoring of jitter and latency. In addition to enabling Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) testing of the underlying optical circuit, AddOn’s new solution also tests the layer-2 and layer-3 services that may be running over it, and includes custom hardware for the generation of test traffic, loop-back and analysis.

AddOn’s testing solutions work by transmitting a series of optical pulses into the fiber under test and extracts. From the same end of the fiber, light is then scattered or reflected back from points along the fiber. The scattered or reflected light is measured and then analyzed to locate the end of the fiber, the location of the fault and overall loss. This process allows engineers to determine if fibers are intact and to subsequently deploy teams to fix the issues when found. By allowing providers to discern between a fiber break and a problem with equipment located at a customer’s premises, AddOn’s EON-NSV-OTDR solution ensures that the correct team is dispatched for the issue at hand.



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