ADTRAN and Liberty Business Bring Gigabit Broadband to Puerto Rico

  • Liberty Puerto Rico
HUNTSVILLE, AL — Liberty Business, Liberty Puerto Rico’s business division, is utilizing gigabit services architecture from ADTRAN to deliver gigabit broadband speeds to schools and small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) in rural locations of the island. By upgrading its fiber infrastructure to support Gigabit broadband, Liberty Business is offering enterprise customers in western and southern Puerto Rico high-speed connectivity to support the influx of high-bandwidth applications and services businesses need to compete in today’s global economy. Liberty Business is also providing the necessary infrastructure to connect previously underserved schools and enhance the educational resources available to facilitate a flexible learning environment.

“Many service providers don’t focus on providing connectivity to the more rural parts of Puerto Rico, which creates significant disadvantages for businesses and schools looking to operate and serve the community outside the island’s major metropolitan cities,” said Antonio Llona, vice president of Liberty Business. “ADTRAN has enabled us to provide a seamless connectivity experience across the entire island that has encouraged entrepreneurship in previously desolate locations. This new capability is boosting our economy and expanding our education systems.”

From Isolated to Connected
Prior to deploying ADTRAN’s Gigabit services architecture, many rural communities were completely isolated with no Internet connectivity. Liberty Business is now able to provide connectivity throughout the entire island, allowing quality video delivery and a variety of multiservice capabilities. Enterprises and schools are reaping exponential benefits from the island’s newly expanded high-speed connectivity. Liberty Business is now able to support education technology demands and comply with local mandates while also addressing the needs of local business owners—in turn, helping local communities stay competitive in a global marketplace.

“In the constantly connected world we live in, geographical location should not be a limiting factor in regards to ultra-fast broadband accessibility,” said Mitch Fleming, vice president, service provider sales, ADTRAN. “The success of a community lies in its ability to resource and support the development, growth and sustainability of its economy. Recognizing this, service providers like Liberty Business are implementing innovative technologies to ensure their customers have access to the necessary tools to support their community’s evolving connectivity requirements. ADTRAN looks forward to continuing to support these communities, whether they be rural, urban, mainland, island, or anything in between, as they overcome geographical barriers and work towards sustainable economic success.”


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