ADTRAN Doubles FTTH Capacity, Adds Auto-Sensing ONTs

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HUNTSVILLE, AL - Network equipment vendor ADTRAN announced that it had doubled the capacity of its flagship product, the Total Access 5000, for active Ethernet and GPON applications. The upgraded platform, which is capable of supporting 5,376 GPON subscribers and 504 active Ethernet subscribers per chassis, will enable operators to quickly and cost-effectively scale their FTTH service offerings.

Complementing the Total Access 5000 is a new family of universal optical network terminals (ONTs) with auto-sensing support for active Ethernet and GPON. The availability of a single ONT that supports both technologies simplifies deployments for service providers.

“ADTRAN’s new additions to their FTTH portfolio and ability to support us long term were key deciding factors in our evaluation of solutions available in the market today,” says Richard Cavin, senior network manager, Valley Telephone (VTCI). “The added scalability and density of the Total Access 5000 with the new 24-port active Ethernet module made it a perfect fit for our project, allowing VTCI to reach twice as many customers from a single chassis without adding any additional complexity to our network.”

Darrell Brown, product line manager for ADTRAN Carrier Networks Division, says, “Over the past year, the Total Access 5000 has become the ‘go to’ platform for carriers seeking a more flexible, reliable and scalable broadband deployment option, making it one of the most sought-after solutions for FTTH deployments on the market today.”


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