ADTRAN Partners with Coriant for Complete SD-Access Solution

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BARCELONA, SPAIN — ADTRAN, a provider of next-generation open networking solutions, announced it will demonstrate its CORD (central office rearchitected as a data center)-based fiber access solution at Mobile World Congress 2018 as part of the Coriant Multi-Sided Solutions Showcase. By partnering with Coriant, a best-in-breed transport and data center interconnect (DCI) vendor, ADTRAN’s demonstration will validate the strength of its ADTRAN Mosaic solution as an open and complete SD-Access architecture by extending the architecture beyond the access to the transport network.

SDN-programmable 10 Gbps NG-PON2 Access Solution
During the demonstration, ADTRAN will showcase its SDN (software-defined network)-programmable 10 Gbps NG-PON2 access solution that supports converged residential broadband, SLA-based enterprise and 5G front/backhaul services. The demo will feature SDN/NFV-enabled multi-layer, multi-domain provisioning between the Coriant Transcend Maestro Multidomain Controller and ADTRAN Mosaic SD-Access (software-defined access) architecture as validation of open standard interworking across multi-vendor cloud platforms. Service providers will learn how they can build and operate best-of-breed networks inclusive of ADTRAN’s CORD-based wavelength agile Nx10Gbps fiber access and Coriant’s complete line of aggregation to core transport solutions.

“SD-Access is an architectural shift from previous networks that have historically relied on closed, monolithic, vendor-specific management systems. Mosaic’s open approach to networking eliminates that vendor lock-in, and at the same time enables operators to lower their costs for building, operating and maintaining their networks,” said Chris Thompson, director of Mosaic software and solutions portfolio, ADTRAN. “We are eager to demonstrate these capabilities at Mobile World Congress with Coriant to showcase Mosaic’s capabilities across the transport network, as well as with many other partners and applications soon.”

Coriant Joins Mosaic Open Network Alliance
Beyond ADTRAN and Coriant’s demonstration at Mobile World Congress, Coriant is also the newest member of the Mosaic Open Network Alliance. Leveraging the open and programmable nature of ADTRAN’s Mosaic solution, Coriant is integrating ADTRAN’s SD-Access fiber access solution within the Coriant Transcend framework, providing an open, agile and fully software-controlled end-to-end transport solution.

“Coriant is a strong advocate of open networking, which enables network operators to easily choose from a collection of best-in-class solutions from a variety of vendors to provide a truly differentiated network solution,” said Robert Shore, senior vice president of global sales enablement, Coriant. “ADTRAN’s SD-Access solution fills a critical gap in bringing open and programmable networking solutions all the way to the edge of the network. Coupled with Coriant’s Multi-Sided Platform Partnership program, ADTRAN’s Mosaic Open Network Alliance provides a community of uniquely vetted solutions that mitigate risk to network operators’ businesses and accelerates solution integration.”

The ADTRAN demonstration will take place at the Coriant Multi-Sided Solutions Showcase at Coriant’s Booth at Hall 2, Stand 2I30. Mobile World Congress 2018 is held in Barcelona, Spain, February 26 – March 1, 2018.


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