ADTRAN Moves CPE Functions to the Cloud

ADTRAN Moves CPE Functions to the Cloud

HUNTSVILLE, AL — ADTRAN introduced its Virtual Network Function (VNF) solution suite, empowering telecom and cable service providers to seamlessly transition from embedded customer premises equipment (CPE) solutions to virtualized, software-based networks without compromising performance.

The VNF suite is built on ADTRAN’s networking application software and offers the same feature set and proven interoperability found in ADTRAN’s advanced multi-service, multi-functional networking solutions currently deployed in small businesses around the world. With a customizable set of VNFs, service providers are able to improve the efficiency, performance and costs of a typical network function virtualization (NFV) deployment by eliminating the overhead of multiple virtual machines and guest operating systems. This enables service providers to further maximize the benefits of virtualization by deploying real-time services with greater flexibility and realize a faster time-to-revenue.

The move to software-based networks is addressing many of the challenges service providers have faced as they turn up new services for their enterprise customers. The cost of installing, configuring and maintaining CPE equipment is eliminated and new services can scale more efficiently to a greater number of customers and locations. However, even within this environment, there are still greater efficiencies to be found.

Virtualizing CPE Functions
Most NFV implementation strategies utilize cloud-based VNF components sourced from various vendors to allow best-in-breed networking functions. ADTRAN virtualizes the most valuable CPE functions — such as routers, firewalls, enterprise session border controllers (eSBC) and voice quality monitoring (VQM) — and uniquely gives service providers the option to bundle them into a single VNF. Along with greater efficiency and performance, costs are reduced in a single solution by eliminating vendor overhead and associated server hardware related expenses. For additional flexibility and for those service providers that want to pick and choose which network functions are virtualized, ADTRAN offers functions on a more granular basis, allowing the creation of service chains from multiple software vendors.

“ADTRAN has long provided open architecture throughout its entire portfolio of solutions and services to pre-position our customers for a smooth transition to virtual networks. Our expertise in bridging the end-to-end network – from the carrier to the enterprise – gives us unique insight into what service providers need from their VNF functionality. Giving providers the option to bundle multiple networking functions into a single VNF eases deployment headaches, improves efficiency and lowers expenses,” said Chris Thompson, director, customer device portfolio, ADTRAN. “As service providers’ business models evolve, ADTRAN is designing, integrating and managing the next generation of networking solutions to align with that forward-looking vision.”


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