ADVA FSP Management Suite Propels UK Milestone

  • Openreach
LONDON - Openreach, which is responsible for the first mile of the major UK access network, has deployed over 100,000 FSP 150 circuits into its Ethernet access direct (EAD) services. This figure marks a major milestone and represents one of the largest installed bases of Ethernet connectivity in the world. The FSP Management Suite from ADVA Optical Networking enables Openreach to simplify the provisioning of new services and rapidly respond to customer requests.

“This milestone represents a significant achievement and is the culmination of many years of determination and effort,” said Mark Logan, director fiber products, Openreach. “Our teams have worked closely to ensure we identify and meet the needs of our customers. The ADVA FSP Management Suite interoperates with our operations support system (OSS), to ensure we can offer our customers simplicity and zero-touch provisioning.”

Since its public launch in 2009, EAD services have been widely adopted by enterprises throughout the UK, creating demand for a robust network management tool that is capable of removing complexity from operations, administration and maintenance tasks, which the ADVA FSP Management Suite is able to deliver. During the course of 2013/14 further development of the management suite will include additional support for Synchronous Ethernet and virtual services.


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