Advanced Media Technologies Launches Integration Division

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DEERFIELD BEACH, FL - Broadband electronics distributor AMT announced that it has launched a systems integration division, to be headed by  Juan Carlos Marchesini, a leader with more than 25 years of technical and management experience in the CATV and telco fields. Marchesini will be responsible for the company’s technical support, including engineering and installation services.

AMT will provide a suite of services including turnkey solutions for digital headend and CMTS deployments, as well as VoD and ad insertion installations. As part of its value-added commitment to customers, AMT is investing heavily in technical support, offering both pre- and post-sales support. For pre-sales support, the System Integration Division will work closely with the sales team, ensuring that products recommended for a solution are those that best meet the customer’s needs, as well as solving any compatibility issues and possible system integration challenges.

For post-sales support, AMT's engineers will work to isolate and identify hardware and software problems, offering a quick and efficient solution. Customers will have access to leading products and engineering services that will make new deployments less complicated and more successful.


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