Aeon Funds Launches Aeon Fiber Opportunity Fund

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RED BANK, NJ — Aeon Funds, a family of alternative investment funds, announced the launch of the Aeon Fiber Opportunity Fund LP. The new fund represents Aeon's commitment to developing unique alternative investments for sophisticated investors both in the U.S. and abroad. The Aeon Fiber Opportunity Fund's structure is a complement to the Aeon Multi Opportunity Fund which focuses on pre-IPO investments in the most notable VC-backed technology companies in the world today.

Initial Investment: Fiber Installations in Gated Communities in the Southeast
Aeon Funds has expanded its management team and commenced fundraising. The Aeon Fiber Opportunity Fund will initially invest in the installation of military-grade fiber-optic cable in gated communities throughout the Southeast. As a significant validator of the market opportunity, Aeon management estimates there are approximately 35,000 communities in Florida alone. The capital to be raised will be used to support the marketing and installation efforts of Aeon's operating partner Delcom Telecommunications of Pompano Beach, Florida.

The Aeon Fiber Opportunity Fund LP is structured as a Delaware partnership for accredited investors and qualified purchasers. Each fund unit will consist of both a fixed income and equity component. Based on Delcom's current pipeline in Florida, it is anticipated the fund will initially be seeded with $25 million.

"We are extremely excited about partnering with Delcom in this venture," stated Brendan Rempel, Aeon Fiber Opportunity Funds manager and co-founder. "The Aeon team believes Delcom has an extraordinarily compelling business model. Given the lack of broadband infrastructure spending by the incumbent cable providers over the past 10 to 15 years in these types of communities, coupled the growing demand for bandwidth, the market is ready for a next-generation technology and service provider. Delcom's management has combined over 70 years of industry experience and has built telecommunications systems throughout the world clearly validating their expertise and capabilities."

Delcom's co-founder and CEO, Donald Smith stated, "We share Aeon's excitement in what we describe as Delcom's advanced Fiber-to-the-Home model. Delcom's model gives us the ability to virtually future-proof communities from the current broadband problems that are being felt today and will continue to be felt in the very near future as daily the demand for robust broadband increases exponentially. We sit in a very unique position of having the experience and expertise to design, build and operate our properties all in-house. This gives us the ability to provide exceptional customer service, which we believe is the essence of our product."


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