AEPONyX Introduces New WDM-PON Platform

MONTREAL - WDM-PON, a fiber network technology that dedicates a separate wavelength to each customer, enables vast increases in fiber capacity, but it has not been widely adopted because of its cost. Start-up equipment vendor AEPONyX Inc. hopes to change that by leveraging advances in WDM-PON technology to drive the technology's adoption. This week, the company will unveil the first single-fiber, 40-channel Metro Ethernet Access platform.

AEPON, which stands for Active Ethernet Passive Optical Network, is AEPONyX's implementation of DWDM-PON (dense wavelength-division multiplexing passive optical network) technology, based on use of long-reach AEPONyX Omnicolor small-form-pluggable (SFP) transceivers outfitted with AEPONyX Colorplugs pluggable unicolor filters.

Designed for metro fiber service providers, with a reach of 60 km, the AEPONyX platform enables the wholesale of metro access and metro transport through the cross-connection of dense and coarse WDM-PON wavelengths at the Ethernet level.

AEPONyX's flagship MxC-80 product contains 80 SFP ports in a single 3U carrier class -48V DC shelf, and is designed to enable 40 wirespeed AEPON channels. Each AEPON channel contains a DWDM-side outside-plant access component and a CWDM-side network-to-network interface (NNI) and enables 40 circuits to be multiplexed onto one outside-plant fiber and 16 circuits to be multiplexed onto one NNI fiber.

Francois Menard, CTO and co-founder of AEPONyX, explains, "Our customers are welcoming our solution because they can multiplex 40 circuits onto a single fiber yet retain the robustness of a dedicated port with the full functionality of a Carrier Ethernet network-to-network interface for each circuit they wholesale. Further, they can bridge any customer premises to any data center across their metro markets, all from a single location, leveraging an entirely passive 60 km outside plant."

According to Philippe Babin, VP for sales and marketing of AEPONyX, "After two years of development, our patent-protected AEPON technology, which makes WDM-PON scalable and easy to deploy, has now succeeded on all counts as part of our final customer trials, and is now generally available." "The breadth of our AEPON product portfolio is the most comprehensive WDM-PON solution, and it enables our metro access customers to generate new streams of revenues from their fiber networks," he adds.

AEPONyX is innovating on multiple fronts to deliver single fiber capabilities with up to 40 circuits onto a single fiber. The AEPONyX platform is built with state-of-the-art Carrier Ethernet components and is the first to unleash the combined potential of the entire DWDM C & L bands. Only two models of AEPONyX Omnicolor transceivers are required to cover all DWDM channels, the first in the L band for the MxC-80 and the second in the C band for the customer premises equipment. With its ColorNID, AEPONyX is first to market with a Carrier Ethernet Network Interface Device, optimized for DWDM-PON long-reach transmission.


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