AEPONYX Launches 10 Gbps WDM-PON Solution

MONTREAL — AEPONYX announced its 10 Gbps single-fiber 40-channel WDM-PON solution designed to operate on the C-band 50 GHz ITU Grid at the OFC 2015 Exposition. This WDM-PON solution, consisting of the AEPONYX Colormux C/2 and Colornode C/2 WDM-PON passives, leverages tunable small-form pluggable transceivers (SFPs) operating at 10 Gbps (T-SFP+) as well as 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps fixed transceivers.

Wavelength Division Multiplexing Passive Optical Network (WDM-PON) is the only technology that enables the delivery of several secure dedicated capacity circuits to multiple customer premises over different wavelengths, for up to 40 km, on a single fiber optic line — and all this without the need for any powered equipment between the service provider installations and the customer premises.

Standards-based and Fully Interoperable Single-fiber WDM-PON Solution
"The recent commercial availability and competitive supply of tunable SFP+ able to tune on a 50 GHz grid has justified the development of the first standards-based and fully interoperable single-fiber WDM-PON solution based on the use of half the C-Band in each direction," explained AEPONYX CTO & Co-Founder Francois Menard.

The central office multiplexer and the remote node were designed around a 50 GHz C-band AAWG and integrate the necessary WDM filters to enable single fiber operation. Operators can also overlay WDM-PON on all existing GPON single fiber outside plants, providing up to 160 times more capacity that can be assigned to business connectivity or mobile backhaul/fronthaul circuits.

"Our customers can now confidently deploy our Colormux C/2 and Colornode C/2 WDM-PON passives knowing they will enable an upgrade to 100 Gbps per channel with CFP-2 ACO's, without requiring any change to the outside plant or disrupting any existing service," concluded Menard.

AEPONYX customers can leverage the competitive supply of 10 Gbps Carrier Ethernet switches and NIDs to offer dedicated high capacity services. The C/2 WDM-PON solution from AEPONYX allows for 40 channels of single fiber operation and is ready for the imminent availability of 100/200 Gbps pluggable coherent optics (CFP-2 ACO), paving the way for 8 terabits per second of capacity per fiber.


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