AEPONYX Launches Standalone Single Fiber WDM-PON Solution

MONTREAL - AEPONYX, a global WDM-PON technology provider empowering fiber optic network operators to fully virtualize their cloud infrastructure, announces the commercial availability of a complete overhaul of its Active Ethernet Passive Optical Network Solution (AEPON).

"Over the last year, several notable improvements to the optical performance of our AEPON standalone WDM‑PON Solution were made," says Francois Menard, AEPONYX's co-founder and CTO. "We we will be demonstrating the industry's only single fiber dense wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network (WDM-PON) solution strictly composed of standard Small Form Pluggables (SFPs) and passives," he adds.

10 Gbps Circuit Upgrade
AEPONYX currently provides a typical capacity of 100 Gbps per local convergence point of 40 customers. All AEPONYX passives including the Colormux and the Colornode are designed to allow for any circuit to be upgraded to 10 Gbps by simply replacing Omnicolor SFPs with WDM-PON SFP+ that are on the AEPONYX roadmap. The AEPONYX passives can thus support a capacity of 400 Gbps per local convergence point of 40 customers through a single optical fiber.

Notable improvements made to the AEPON Solution include:

Omnicolor SFPs now featuring;

  • Improved optical performance due to inclusion of Etalon wavelength lockers, allowing wavelength accuracy across an extended temperature range;
    -- Reduced power consumption to 1.5 watts per SFP without impact to optical performance, enabling backwards compatibility with equipment not otherwise designed for DWDM SFPs;
    -- Bidi-Colorcords allowing for single fiber operation without impact to the size of the Omnicolor™ SFP as the C/L filter has been packaged in the patch cord for the customer premise equipment;

  • The introduction of the Colormux, enabling 120 circuits in 2 rack units and designed for high-density data center operation;

  • Improved link budgets enabling use of power splitters for network protection and for cascaded splits, short reach applications.

"AEPONYX is actively engaging Carrier Ethernet service providers which are considering strategies for implementing in-building passive distribution strategies," says Philippe Babin, vice-president of sales and marketing for AEPONYX. "Providing a dedicated 100 Gbps capacity per building, evenly shared amongst 40 customers, is as simple as adding our Omnicolor SFPs to Carrier Ethernet Switches and NIDs equipped with SGMII 2.5 SFP interfaces," he adds.

The AEPON Standalone WDM-PON Solution features the highest link budget in the industry enabling fiber optic service providers to confidently invest in increased network reliability. Local convergence points inside buildings can be lit from two different Data Centers, thus enabling fully protected link distances of 20 km at 2.5 Gbps and 30 km at 1 Gbps.


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