AFL Introduces Aluminum Coil Bracket for Splice Enclosures

SPARTANBURG, SC – AFL introduced an aluminum coil bracket for splice enclosures including its Opti-Guard and SB01 products. The aluminum coil bracket is much lighter, making it easier to ship and install.

Initially manufactured with steel which required palletizing and stacking for shipment, the new aluminum unit is 25 percent of the weight of the previous unit, making it easier to handle and install onto structures. The new bracket consists of three-pieces, is easy to assemble and ships in a box preventing damage to the unit. Furthermore, the bracket now includes banding slots added to the vertical body extrusion portion of the unit for more versatility in the attachment schemes to the structures.

The aluminum coil bracket supports AFL’s SB01 and Opti-Guard splice enclosures and stores extra lengths of ADSS or OPGW. The Opti-Guard splice enclosure accommodates up to 504 single fusion splices. Easy to maintain and re-enter, the enclosure is light weight and mounts to many types of structures. The SB01 enclosure can store up to 25 feet of buffer tubes with 144 fiber splice capacity. Manufactured of iron and steel, this enclosure is weather and bullet-resistant.


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