AFL Introduces eABF Air-Jetted Solution Using Spider Web Ribbon Technology

SPARTANBURG, SC – AFL expanded its eABF air-jetted solution line by adding a 72-fiber eABF cable using Spider Web Ribbon (SWR). The ultra-small, ribbon-like cable can be quickly ribbonized for mass termination. Fifty percent smaller than traditional flat ribbon cables, the 72-fiber cable is optimized for jetting into the Dura-Line 8.5/6 mm Enterprise FuturePath MicroDuct pathway system.

“With this combination of high density cable and multi-cell pathway, network designers can select eABF components that provide flexibility for network circuit expansion on an as-needed basis,” said Stephen Martin, product manager for AFL. “For example, a 24-way FuturePath system with the 72-fiber eABF SWR cable allows for incremental network growth of up to 1,728 optical fibers.”

Furcation Tubing Not Required
Unlike other blown-fiber systems, the 72-fiber eABF SWR cable does not require furcation tubing when routing through cable management spaces. The cable is GR-409 Interconnect compliant and comes in NFPA/NEC Riser and Plenum configurations. “AFL’s eABF with SWR is also compatible with our comprehensive line of high-performance MPO-style connectivity products," Martin continued. "Ultimately, this new cable will yield a lower cost of ownership and larger return on investment over the lifetime of an optical fiber network.”

Spider Web Ribbon Technology
Spider Web Ribbon is a bonded fiber design that allows for highly efficient ribbonizing applications or for individual fiber breakouts in pre-terminated optical assemblies. The high-density round design promotes easy routing when used with fiber management systems enabling an efficient use of space and materials. These elements combine to form the backbone of a cost-effective, high-performance fiber optic cabling solution.


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