AFL Introduces Network Activation Kits for Fiber Turn-up

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SPARTANBURG, SC and LOWELL, MAAFL announced the launch of new network activation kits designed to support installation and commissioning of optical equipment in telecom, broadband and other single-mode optical fiber networks. These products are part of an expanding portfolio of AFL fiber optic kits that now include more than 60 application-specific sets.

"Most network operators allow their fiber inventory to remain dark until a customer for the additional capacity is identified," explains Bill Thompson, Senior Product Manager of AFL's Test and Inspection Division. "After that, it's all about time-to-revenue. These kits enable network activation crews to measure and match power levels, validate optical budgets and perform the basic certification tasks required to quickly activate revenue-producing services."

All network activation kits include the recently introduced VOA6 Single-mode Variable Optical Attenuator, the One-Click Mini cleaner and the OPM4-4D Optical Power Meter. Each broadband activation kit also includes an OLS7-FTTH Optical Light Source, and all equipment is calibrated for industry-standard upstream and downstream FTTx signals. Each telecom activation kit includes an OLS2-DUAL Optical Light Source, and all equipment is calibrated for standard telecom wavelengths. Network activation kits can be ordered with hard-sided or soft, padded carry cases.


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