AFL Introduces Optical Splicing and Distribution Enclosure

SPARTANBURG, SC – AFL, a provider of products and services to the broadband industry, has introduced the LL-580 optical splicing and distribution enclosure designed for organizing, splicing and interconnecting fibers. The enclosure addresses the need to patch, patch and splice, express cut/drop fibers and manage wavelengths (WDM or splitters) in a single enclosure. Given its flexibility, the enclosure is an ideal fit for business service hand-offs, MDU distribution and connectivity, cellular backhaul and other commercial services that require weather-proof field connectivity.

Additional features include:

  • Fully-gasketed cover that may be installed on either side in tight-space situations

  • Removable internal chassis and back plate for complete splicing, fiber routing and fiber management

  • Four interchangeable configurations at the cable entry base that allow for installation of cable through a grommet system or through pre-installed conduit couplings

  • LGX-compatible adapter/interconnect module that allows for SC, FC, LC or ST configurations

  • Universal splice tray allows for 60 single fusion or 288 mass fusion splicing, mechanical splices or a combination of splices

  • Heavy gauge aluminum construction adds protection while saving weight

“Many weather-proof enclosures exist on the market today, but very few are specifically designed to house and protect optical components beyond a fusion splice or a simple adapter connection point,” explained Chuck Turner, product manager for AFL. “The LL-580 manages both of those applications with ease; however, it expands upon that by being fully compatible with LGX-compatible modules.”

The LL-580 enclosure not only houses passive optical wavelength management components, but also provides a clean and efficient means to access these components both at the initial installation as well as during the network’s growth cycle. LGX-compatible modules are available in a multitude of different configurations, commonly including loop-back devices, 1xn and 2xn power splitters, course wavelength division multiplexors (CWDM) and dense wavelength division multiplexors (DWDM).

This enclosure protects sensitive optical components not only from weather and natural elements, but also from vandalism and malicious intrusion. The enclosure is made with heavy gauge aluminum and offers flexible locking features to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the internal components.


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