AFL Introduces Pocket-sized, In-service PON Troubleshooting OTDR

LOWELL, MA and SPARTANBURG, SC — AFL announces the release of the FS200-60 Live PON Troubleshooting OTDR, the newest member in its popular family of FlexScan pocket-sized OTDRs. Designed for technicians activating and maintaining FTTH PON subscriber connections, the FS200-60 includes a 1650 nm filtered OTDR, visual fault locator (VFL), optional power meter and optional Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity.

Troubleshoooting without Disrupting Service to Other Subscribers
“The FS200-60 is an ideal solution for network operators who either subcontract network installation or have separate workforces responsible for network installation and subscriber activation,” explained Michael Scholten, senior product marketing manager for AFL’s test & inspection division. “This OTDR allows technicians to verify downstream power level at the subscriber’s ONT, and also to troubleshoot upstream using a Live PON OTDR and VFL without disrupting service to other subscribers.”

AFL chose 1650 nm as its in-service PON troubleshooting wavelength since next-generation PON technologies (XGS-PON, NG-PON2) utilize downstream wavelengths encroaching on the 1625 nm wavelength previously used for live PON testing.

Growing Family of FlexScan OTDRs
AFL’s growing family of FlexScan OTDRs also includes FS200-100/300 models for 1310/1550 nm out-of-service installation verification and the FS200-304 model for 1310/1550/1650 nm point-to-point and PON verification and troubleshooting. All FlexScan OTDRs include AFL’s SmartAuto™ multi-pulse acquisition, enabling users to detect closely spaced events before a PON splitter while still testing effectively through the splitter. FlexScan OTDRs also display test results in both AFL’s icon-based LinkMap® view and OTDR trace view, allowing users to quickly and easily locate faults and identify the necessary corrective action. With up to 37 dB dynamic range, the FS200-60 can test through splitters on FTTH PONs having split ratios up to 1:64.


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