AFL Introduces Retention Brackets for Fiber Closures

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SPARTANBURG, SC AFL announced new OPGW Cable Retention Brackets that allow either two or four OPGW cables to be installed in its LightGuard sealed fiber closure models LG?150, LG?250, and LG?350. The kit, which includes the splice closure, splice trays and an OPGW cable retention bracket, simplifies splicing of OPGW cable, making installation faster and more secure than previous methods. Separation of the strands from the center tube and use of sealing compounds are no longer required.

The brackets allow for cable retention while the central fiber tube passes through AFL's patented Peel-and-Seal grommet, a technology that prevents water ingress into the fiber closure. The outer layer of OPGW cable strands is trimmed on the outside of the closure, and only the central tube is inserted into the closure. The patent-pending design "bites" into outer strands of the OPGW cable when secured with hose clamps provided in the kit. The use of a downlead clamp along with the OPGW bracket ensures that the cable will not twist.


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