AFL Introduces Xpress Fiber Management Dual Access Module Panel


  • AFL

SPARTANBURG, SC — AFL, an international manufacturer of fiber optic cable, connectivity and accessories, is launching the Xpress Fiber Management (XFM-28) dual access module panel. Designed to maximize module capacity through both front and rear access in four rack units (RUs), the panel is ideal where additional rack space is unavailable.

"Network growth equals new bandwidth requirements and more fiber infrastructure, but central offices or headends are often confined to their existing footprint and unable to add racks to accommodate extra hardware,"explained Kevin Clayton, senior product manager for AFL. "The XFM-28 provides double the density of traditional front access panels, allowing twice the expansion without using any additional rack space."

The XFM-28 doubles the capacity of traditional 14-slot, front-access only 4RU panels and offers 28 slots to accommodate LGX modules (14 front and 14 rear). Lightweight and robust, the panel offers routing flexibility. Cable management features include side cable ports with full pass-thru underneath the main bulkhead compartment to allow cable routing from front to back within the panel without eliminating any module positions. The aluminum panel features universal WECO/TIA 19"/23" rack compatibility.



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