AFL Launches Mini DIN Rail Mounted Enclosure

SPARTANBURG, SC — AFL, an international manufacturer of fiber optic cable, equipment and accessories, is releasing the Mini DIN Rail Mounted Enclosure. This new enclosure’s compact design gives it the ideal form factor for installation into densely populated industrial cabinets and its small size makes it very versatile for use in a variety of environments.

“The Mini DIN Enclosure was originally developed and manufactured by AFL in Australia,” explained Tom Jeffers, product manager for AFL. “Because the enclosure fills a gap in our portfolio of fiber management systems, we brought the technology to the US to support our North American markets.”

Enclosures Link Together to Expand Capacity
The Mini DIN Enclosure is available with up to 24 fibers and available in patch, splice and MPO fan-out configurations. If more space is needed, enclosures can be linked together to expand capacity. The enclosure also features both top and bottom cable entry to suit installation environment.

Jeffers continued, “The enclosure is designed specifically as a compact DIN rail mount enclosure and offers increased durability and expanded capabilities in patch, splice and MPO applications.”

Fusion Splicing Up to 24 Fibers
The Mini DIN has the capacity to accommodate up to 12 or 24 SC, ST or LC duplex adapters. Ideal for housing pre-terminated loose tube and tight buffered cables, the enclosure also allows for fusion splicing of up to 24 fibers. It can be used in a variety of environments including process automation and control, intelligent transport system, rail signaling and control networks, power systems and control and MTP pre-terminated cabling solutions.

A full range of additional accessories are compatible and available for the Mini DIN enclosure including pigtails, splicing consumables and termination consumables. Pre-tailed fiber optic cable assemblies are also available.


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