AFL Launches OptiNID Duo Demarcation Enclosure


SPARTANBURG, SC – AFL, a manufacturer of fiber optic cable, equipment, and accessories, is launching the OptiNID Duo, an ultra-compact, yet flexible fiber optic demarcation enclosure. The OptiNID Duo integrates many of the routing, splicing and connectivity features into its molded base, allowing customers multiple termination options for different applications.

“Consumer bandwidth demand continues to rise, and with that, fiber-to-the-home deployments continue at record pace across the globe,” explained Will Miller, product manager for AFL’s Outside Plant Connectivity products. “The OptiNID Duo will lower overall deployment time and overall cost to service providers by integrating features required for multiple termination options into a single, flexible housing. Additionally, different termination options and integrated mounting capabilities, including pole mount, make the OptiNID Duo an optimal choice for interconnection between cellular backhaul and small cell radios, such as those used in 5G densification initiatives.

Additional Capabilities
OptiNID Duo has the capability to house up to four SC simplex or LC duplex adapters, along with up to 18 single fiber or six mass fusion splices. The base of the enclosure houses an insert which incorporates fiber routing, splice tray, adapter plate and cable retention features. The OptiNID Duo also has several optional features such as a clear splice/security cover for protecting provider-side connectors or a grounding plate for grounding armored or toneable drop cables. The OptiNID Duo is available with two different base cable entry options, either a pair of U-shaped “drop-in” style grommets or two half-inch ports allowing for a variety of different entry accessories.


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