AFL Launches TITAN RTD FTTx System for Faster Deployment Speeds

SPARTANBURG, SC — AFL, a global fiber optics manufacturer and service provider, introduced the TITAN RTD FTTx system featuring AFL TRIDENT Hardened Fiber Optic Connectors. The product set allows for quick and easy subscriber connections anywhere in the OSP network. The sealed and rugged design of both the TITAN RTD Multiport and TRIDENT connector allow for long-term reliability when installed anywhere in the network—underground, in pedestals, on poles, or on aerial strand or ADSS cables.

"With FTTx subscriptions rising at an exponential rate, customers are seeing the value in pre-connectorized solutions to enable quicker deployments at the customer premise," commented Will Miller, product line manager of OSP Connectivity at AFL. "The AFL TITAN RTD FTTx system with the TITAN RTD Multiport Terminal and AFL TRIDENT pre-terminated drop cables enable plug and play connectivity for subscriber connections.”

With the hardened and sealed nature of the connector and terminal interface, TITAN can be placed anywhere in the outside plant network. Miller continued, “Customers no longer need to worry about accessing environmentally sealed or weathertight closures to connect their subscribers. TITAN ultimately improves network reliability and increases speed of deployment."

AFL has developed a detailed solutions guide to provide assistance with what products best serve customer-specific FTTx requirements. These products include not only the new AFL TITAN RTD FTTx system, but also a full line of fiber distribution cabinets, closures, demarcation enclosures, field installable connectors and more.


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