AFL Launches Two Fujikura Fusion Splicers

SPARTANBURG, SC — AFL, a provider of fusion splicers and accessories to the broadband market, introduced two new fusion splicer models, the Fujikura 41S Core Sensing fusion splicer and the 31S. Both feature touchscreen technology and active cladding alignment capability, simplifying use and greatly reducing the need for rigorous cleaning in typical field conditions. The Fujikura 41S adds more accurate core sensing loss estimation capabilities enabled by warm splice imaging (WSI) and incorporates active cleaver management via Bluetooth technology.

“Fujikura has again raised the bar with these new Fujikura fusion splicers. The core sensing loss estimation technology of the 41S redefines what users can expect from a cladding alignment splicer,” commented Greg Pickeral, product manager for AFL’s fusion splicing systems.

Bluetooth Communication
The Fujikura 41S model enhanced loss estimation technology allows evaluation of core alignment during the splice and unprecedented accuracy with a cladding alignment type splicer. The splicer also features Bluetooth communication for use with the new CT50 fiber cleaver. In an industry first, cleaver blade positions can be advanced automatically based on cleave quality assessment in the 41S splicer. Both the 41S and 31S models offer Fujikura ruggedness and quality.

Touchscreen Technology
The touchscreen technology of these splicers provide a convenient method to navigate device menus. The six-second splice time combined with a twenty-five second heating time increases productivity. Both models are equipped with removable sheath clamps allowing users to utilize fiber holders if desired.

AFL operates the only authorized repair facility for Fujikura splicing products in the U.S. Technical support is available 24/7 and complimentary on-site training is available with every splicer purchased. View AFL’s complete product line of field and specialty fusion splicers plus accessories.


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