AFL Receives CPR Certification for Fiber Optic Cables



SPARTANBURG, SC — AFL, an international manufacturer of fiber optic cable, connectivity and accessories, received its Construction Products Regulation (CPR) certification for certain fiber optic cables including Sub-unitized MicroCore 2.0 and MicroCore 3.0 plus its Ruggedized MicroCore product line. CPR, often recognized as “CE marked,” defines minimum cable fire safety standard (EuroClasses) based on installation and type of building. Each country sets its own minimum EuroClass requirements for installation cables.

“Receiving the CPR certification and accompanying AVCP 1+ system certification greatly expands our data center cable portfolio worldwide,” commented Michael Houck, product manager for AFL. “As we expand our global footprint, this certification will allow us to offer a full system solution to our customers."

CPR Labeling  

CPR certification applies to all cables which are permanently incorporated in a building or construction works. The supplied cable will have a CE label on the drum flange, on the box or in the packaging. This label identifies the Declaration of Performance (DoP) number (reaction to fire), unique product name, manufacturer, NANDO Lab number and “reaction to fire” classification. Every cable design is tested for “reaction to fire” unless there are “extended application” (EXAP) rules set up in TS 50576.

AFL Sub-unitized MicroCore 2.0 Base-8 and Base-12 cables are available in fiber counts up to 144 and 216, respectively. MicroCore 2.0 supports high-density networks and offers the highest density 2.0 mm fiber cables available. AFL's Sub-Unitized Premise MicroCore 3.0 Base-12 and Base-24 designs are available up to 144 fibers and 288 fibers, respectively. Both standard 250 µm fiber and SpiderWeb Ribbon technology designs are available for MicroCore 3.0. Designed for direct termination and supportive of both single-fiber and multifiber architectures, this cable family can serve as the backbone to any deployed system.

AFL’s Ruggedized MicroCore is an alternative to traditional inside plant central loose tube ribbon cable. Consisting of bare fiber, this cable eliminates edge fiber stress due to preferential bend of encapsulated ribbons. Ruggedized MicroCore is ideal for termination of fiber rack systems, intra-building backbones, headend termination to a fiber backbone or MTP/MPO or MTP to breakout terminations. 


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