AFL Releases FlexTester OTDR and Loss Test Set with Link Map

LOWELL, MA and SPARTANBURG, SC — AFL, a provider of products and services to the broadband market, is releasing a new Link Map with Pass/Fail option for its OFL280 and FLX380 FlexTester family of all-in-one optical test sets. Link Map provides an icon-based display of the tested network, clearly identifying, displaying and labeling network elements such as connectors, splices, macro-bends, splitters and fiber ends.

“To meet bandwidth demand, networks are evolving from copper to fiber and wireless,” explains Michael Scholten, senior product marketing manager for AFL. “Installation and maintenance technicians new to fiber need easy-to-operate test solutions which more clearly identify and locate problems in their optical networks. While FlexTesters have always been easy to use, Link Map with Pass/Fail makes understanding FlexTester OTDR results easier, ensuring faster, more accurate troubleshooting.”

Link Map Displayed with Event Table
Link Map is displayed with the Event Table, visually associating network elements to key parameters including location, loss and reflectance. User-adjustable pass/fail limits are applied and failing events and measurements are highlighted, alerting the user to faults and fault cause. FlexTesters allow the user to toggle between Trace and Link Map display at the touch of a button.

With OTDR, source, power meter and visual fault locator integrated in a rugged, handheld package weighing less than two pounds, FlexTesters ensure fiber technicians have the tools they need to identify and resolve optical network problems. Designed for field use, FlexTesters operate over 12 hours continuously from a full charge and provide an indoor/outdoor display which is easily viewed in both direct sunlight and dimly lit interiors.

The new Link Map option is available as an upgrade for previously purchased FlexTesters, and may be ordered with any new FLX380 FlexTester3 or OFL280 FlexTester, including bundled FlexTester PRO and FlexTester Complete Kits.


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