AFL Releases New Test Equipment

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AFL introduced the Noyes OFL250-50, a handheld, single-mode (1550 nm), fault-locating OTDR with an integrated optical power meter, laser source and visual fault locator. The company calls the device ideal for troubleshooting dark, single-mode fibers in local area, metro area and FTTx networks, saying that it locates cable cuts, open or high-loss splices, fiber bends and high-loss/high-reflectance connections. The high-contrast display is clear and bright in any lighting condition, including direct sunlight.

The OFL250-50 provides automatic and manual setup, precision event analysis, 12-hour battery life, internal data storage, and USB connectivity. OTDR and OPM test ports are equipped with tool-free adapters which can be changed in seconds. With better performance and more features, the new OFL250-50 is a replacement for the discontinued OFL200.


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