AFL’s New FlexScan FleXpress Mode Completes OTDR Test in Seconds

LOWELL, MA and SPARTANBURG, SC — AFL, a provider of fusion splicers and accessories to the broadband market, introduces FleXpress Fast OTDR Test for its popular FlexScan family of performance-packed, pocket-sized OTDRs. Test time continues to be a major factor in fiber optic network installation costs, as OTDRs often require a full minute or more to characterize a single optical fiber at 1310 and 1550 nm. AFL’s innovative FleXpress fast OTDR test mode completes dual-wavelength network verification in less than five seconds per fiber.

“With today’s optical cables often containing 1,500 or more fibers, testing an entire cable at one minute per fiber would take over 25 hours—double that if the network operator requires bidirectional OTDR test results,” explained Michael Scholten, senior product marketing manager at AFL. “FlexScan with its award-winning FleXpress mode can complete the same test in just over two hours, less than one tenth the time!”

Automated Remote Control of AFL Optical Switches

To further improve work flow and support the increasing demand for multi-fiber connection testing, FlexScan OTDRs now also include automated remote control of AFL optical switches for testing MPO connections and/or high fiber count cables. A 12-fiber MPO link can now be fully characterized in less than one minute at the push of a single button.

FleXpress test results are automatically stored in Telcordia-compatible .SOR files and are easily uploaded for flexible, professional reporting using AFL's TRM 2.0 Test Results Manager software.

FlexScan with FleXpress mode plus a USB-controlled MPO switch provides the fastest multi-fiber OTDR test in the industry. Couple this with FlexScan's pocket-sized form factor, light weight, rugged package and technician-friendly ease-of-use for a cost-effective fiber optic installation verification and troubleshooting test tool.

Features include:

  • High dynamic range 1310/1550 nm OTDR for both point-to-point and PON testing

  • Filtered 1650 nm OTDR for live PON testing

  • Short dead zones, including 20 m PON dead zone

  • SmartAuto multi-pulse acquisition with both trace view and LinkMap icon-based display

  • Integrated light source and power meter with CW, fiber-identifying tone generation plus WaveID multi-wavelength optical loss test

  • Integrated visible red laser

  • Integrated Bluetooth communications to optional wireless inspection probe

  • Includes TRM 2.0 professional report generation software

FleXpress is available as a free update to FlexScan FS200-300 (1310/1550 nm) and FS200-304 (1310/1550/1650 nm) point-to-point and PON OTDRs.



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