AFS Launches Handheld Fiber Optic Test Unit

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EASTON, MA - Fiber optic test equipment vendor Advanced Fiber Solutions announced the launch of its new compact portable Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR). The new DR-500 series OTDR will aid technicians and cabling contractors in troubleshooting fiber optic cabling systems. It is designed to offer high resolution with many wavelength and range options. As one of the most compact OTDRs on the market today, weighing less than 1.6 pounds, it is suitable for handheld use and pocket transportation.

Handheld OTDR"The OTDR will provide both experienced and inexperienced technicians with an easy-to-use installation tool for both maintenance and troubleshooting," says Garreth Conachy, president and CEO of Advanced Fiber Solutions. "We have manufactured the product to be extremely rugged, in addition to ensuring it has a long battery life to enable technicians to continue testing up to eight hours."

The OTDR offers four performance classes with a dynamic range of 23dB through 43dB. The unit supports a manual mode for expert users, which enables parameter setup, and an automatic mode for less experienced users. It enables one-touch auto-run testing. The unit uses active sync for seamless USB connectivity with desktop software for advanced data analysis and storage capabilities.


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