Albuquerque to Get TruFiBER GigaBit Internet Service

  • CityLink
ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Albuquerque is about to get Internet speeds up to 1000 times as fast as currently available with a fiber Internet service from CityLink Telecommunications, the first ISP in New Mexico to be nationally certified as a FTTH provider. “You can now download a full movie in just a minute or two,” said John Brown, CEO of CityLink Telecommunications. “This is going to rock Albuquerque.”

The Silver Garden Apartments in downtown Albuquerque will be the first apartment complex in the state to receive CityLink's TruFiBER GigaBit Internet Service. “We are extremely excited to bring TruFiBER to New Mexico,” said Brown. “We have the next generation of Internet services, and Silver Gardens gets it first.” CityLink is the only locally owned provider of open access, neutral fiber optic communications services to deliver ultra-high-speed Gigabit Internet and digital telephone (VoIP) in Albuquerque.

In addition to TruFiBER CityLink is installing a WiFi network in the courtyard to allow residents and guests to connect to the Internet at very high speeds. The company is also providing several workstations in the community room for use by the residents.


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