Alcatel-Lucent and Proximus Celebrate 10 million VDSL2 Vectoring Line Shipments

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PARIS – Alcatel-Lucent has reached the milestone of 10 million VDSL2 vectoring line shipments.
Proximus (formerly Belgacom), Belgium’s leading provider of telecommunications services and the first operator in the world to deploy a nationwide VDSL2 vectoring network, and Alcatel-Lucent celebrated the milestone in a ceremony in Brussels The historic 10 million–shipment milestone was achieved in the fourth quarter of 2014 - just three years since Alcatel-Lucent launched the first VDSL2 vectoring solution.

Alcatel-Lucent currently has 27 VDSL2 vectoring customers in every region of the world, including Israel’s Bezeq, KPN in the Netherlands, Telecom Argentina, Telecom Italia, TE Data in Egypt and NBN Co. in Australia, with more than 65 commercial trials of the technology conducted by operators.

Deploying Speeds of Up to 100 Mbps Over Existing Copper Telephone Networks
VDSL2 vectoring allows operators to deploy ultra-broadband services of up to 100 Mbps over their existing copper telephone networks, making it quick and economical to deploy as a complement to fiber-to-the-home (FTTH). As a result, operators can rapidly meet rising customer demand for high-definition television, video-on-demand and online gaming while protecting existing investments.

VDSL2 Vectoring Boosts Available Bandwidth
“VDSL2 vectoring, deployed extensively since January 2014, is a vital component for helping us meet our customers’ requirements as it enables us to quickly and efficiently boost the bandwidth available for the best quality services," said Geert Standaert, CTO for Proximus. "We are working and co-developing with Alcatel-Lucent because of their clear leadership in fixed access. Today we offer 70 Mbps with VDSL2 vectoring with our b-box3 home gateway. We will continue to capitalize on this technology to enrich the experience of our customers. As a pioneering operator, we are delighted to receive the golden line card as a symbol of the 10 millionth VDSL2 vectoring shipment and of our first year of successful deployment.”

Answering Operator Needs for Both Copper and Fiber Technologies to Meet Customer Demand
Federico Guillén, president of Alcatel-Lucent’s Fixed Access Business Line commented, “We’re seeing huge growth for VDSL2 vectoring alongside our fiber-to-the-home solutions as more and more operators realize they need both copper and fiber technologies to meet their customers’ ultra-broadband demands. Having been first to market with VDSL2 vectoring and again with and TWDM-PON technologies, we are committed to giving operators the choice of technologies they need to provide the best services for their customers.”


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