Alden Systems Surpasses $1 Billion in Joint Use Transactions



BIRMINGHAM, AL — Alden Systems, a provider of asset management tools for utilities — primarily the Alden One software platform which facilitates financial transactions among joint use professionals — recently surpassed $1 billion in processed joint use transactions. Designed to unite infrastructure asset owners, renters/attachers, contractors, and other key stakeholders, Alden One's online centralized joint use platform supports electric utilities, broadband providers, and telecommunications companies.

Over $1 Billion in Transactions

Aimed to help joint use professionals work better together, Alden One makes all joint use transactions reliable, swift, and safe. The financial transactions among joint use professionals attributing to Alden's $1B+ mark include new joint use contracts, recurring contracts, and permit to attach fees, among others.

Alden worked closely with the Alden One user community to develop dashboards that monitor payment timelines, upcoming due dates, and deadlines. Workflows were developed to automate processes, reducing redundant work and creating efficiency. Established for the joint use space, Alden One allows joint use professionals to make data-driven business decisions internally and externally with their partners.


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