Allied Telesis Introduces EtherWAVE: Gigabit Lambda to the Home

SAN JOSE, CA — Allied Telesis, a global provider of secure IP/Ethernet switching solutions, and an industry leader in the deployment of IP Triple Play networks, introduced EtherWAVE Virtual Active Gigabit FTTx last-mile fiber solution. EtherWAVE is a next-generation FTTx solution that replaces legacy GPONs with “True Gigabit Speed” service to the end user, using xWDM technology and tunable lasers.

End consumers are frustrated with the limited bandwidth offered on legacy Passive Optical Networks (PONs). Many communication service providers (CSPs) have a “shared” last-mile fiber technology based on PON, forcing users to accept limited upstream speeds and controlled downstream speeds. The challenge has been to deliver dedicated Gigabit speeds to end users across a “shared” fiber network.

“EtherWAVE is an industry-first solution that enables CSPs to reuse existing shared fiber plant to upgrade to True Gigabit speeds. Each consumer connected on EtherWAVE receives their own secure and dedicated Gigabit wavelength/Lambda — no sharing of bandwidth required. EtherWAVE uses state-of-the-art tunable lasers and waveguide technology to offer True Gigabit throughput on existing PON fiber networks. EtherWAVE is offered on the Allied Telesis SwitchBlade, the world’s fastest optical line terminal (OLT) chassis,” commented Philip Yim, senior vice president, Global Program Management. “As the Gigabit leader in FTTx, we see the market evolving to where Gigabit speeds are the norm for broadband access over fiber. Today every customer can expect to access a secure, dedicated wavelength with upstream and downstream speeds of 2 Gigabits. Tomorrow, this can be extended to 10 Gbps to every home using EtherWAVE,” Yim remarked.


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