ALLO Launches Wi-Fi Service Using Calix GigaSpire BLAST Powered by EXOS and Wi-Fi 6

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SAN JOSE, CA — ALLO Communications has launched the ALLO Blast as part of its next-generation managed Wi-Fi service, featuring the Calix GigaSpire BLAST, powered by EXOS. With this launch, ALLO becomes as one of the first communications service providers (CSPs) in its region to launch a carrier-exclusive Wi-Fi 6 system. The Blast enables ALLO to provide residential and small business subscribers with a managed Wi-Fi experience, including massive coverage expansion and increases in bandwidth. ALLO further elevates the subscriber experience by leveraging advanced insights from both Calix Support Cloud (CSC) and Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC).

A longtime Calix customer, ALLO Communications was founded 16 years ago and has delighted subscribers in areas of Nebraska and Colorado with symmetrical high-speed fiber internet service. The regional CSP is now elevating the subscriber experience with the GigaSpire, powered by EXOS. This unmatched system features 12 internal antennae, industry-best Wi-Fi 6, and symmetrical Gigabit wire speed that can accommodate more than 250 connected devices simultaneously. All of these features are controllable from a dedicated mobile application that enables subscribers to manage network names, security protocols, and parental controls.

ALLO will continue to deliver on its customer support experience via CSC, which enabled it to raise its Net Promoter Score by 15 points last year. The Self Heal capabilities in CSC allow ALLO to proactively address Wi-Fi challenges before they impact subscribers and gives the customer service team the right information to resolve issues quickly. Additionally, CMC allows ALLO to optimize its marketing spend, ensuring resources are invested in the right places to align with its ongoing commitment to elevate subscriber experience.


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