Alpha Introduces New Power Supply for FTTH Equipment

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BELLINGHAM, WA - Guaranteeing telephone service during power outages has always been a challenge for FTTH providers, because phone service depends on having a functioning optical network terminal (ONT), which is a powered electronic device at the customer premises. To address this problem, power systems provider Alpha Technologies recently introduced a telecommunications-grade ONT power supply, the FlexPoint 1207-F. The power supply provides 7W of 12Vdc primary and battery standby power for systems using RFoG, the fiber-to-the-home technology adopted most often by cable providers.

The FlexPoint FPR1207-F meets stringent requirements for uncontrolled environments, while providing an aesthetically pleasing solution for residential installations, according to Alpha Technologies. It increases reliability for subscribers by reserving 25 percent battery power to enable activation for emergency telephone calls in extended power outage situations.

The FlexPoint is an environmentally hardened standby power supply intended to be placed indoors or in sheltered outdoor locations. Because of its compact size, it can be placed in the most densely populated structured medial enclosures. User interfaces include visual status indicators, audible alarms, a silence alarm button and an auxiliary 12Vdc power input port allowing additional battery capacity to be added for longer standby runtimes. The FPR1207-F power supply is now shipping to Alpha's worldwide customer base.


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