Alpha Technologies Launches New Line Power Products

VANCOUVER - Alpha Technologies Ltd., a provider of powering solution for communications networks, announced the release of two new line power products: The Cordex HP LPS36 and the Alpha SR-12190.

Cordex HP LPS36
The next generation Cordex HP LPS36 is a compact, modular DC-to-DC up-converter system designed for powering distributed communication networks using +/-190Vdc (RFT-V circuit) over an existing copper network. It features modular, high-efficiency, quad-output converter modules along with an intelligent controller. Applications include powering DSLAM's as well as the Optical Network Terminals (ONT) in FTTH Networks.

The Cordex HP LPS36 can be installed in the Central Office or in a remote OSP cabinet. Line powering uses the CO or RT backup power system as the source, eliminating the need for AC utility or battery backup at the remote site, thus reducing truck rolls and operating expenses. Unlike conventional line power systems, the Cordex HP LPS36 combines the industry's best density and converter efficiency, with simplified installation and ease of use.

"The Cordex HP LPS36 offers greater than 50 percent more density than the present generation of products, said Mourad Chergui, Product Manager - DC Products at Alpha Technologies, “and it is truly environmentally friendly. Besides eliminating the need for batteries at the customer's premises, the LPS36 generates nearly 50 percent less wasted energy than today's products."

Alpha SR-1219
The Alpha SR-12190 is a compact DC-to-DC downconverter that transforms ±190Vdc into 12Vdc for powering the ONT in a FTTH network. Designed for outdoor environments, the compact, self-enclosed design is ideal for mounting on the side of the house, nearby the ONT. It is equipped with a built-in capacitor to ensure continuous operation, even during brief electrical surges. Unlike other downconverters, the SR-12190 provides a 12V output designed specifically for powering ONTs.


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