Altice USA FTTH Deployment Continues Progress

NEW YORK — Altice USA’s fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment continues to progress well with construction to connect several hundred thousand homes in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut underway. The fiber network build is expected to accelerate in 2018 with the first commercialization of FTTH services later this year. Altice USA’s FTTH network will benefit customers by enabling for a more connected home, and by delivering faster speeds and a high-quality service experience.

Altice USA also continues to roll out enhanced data services to its customers on its existing hybrid fiber coax (DOCSIS) cable network and an increasing number of consumers are selecting increased broadband speeds:

  • Up to 400 Mbps broadband speeds were available for 86 percent of Altice USA residential/business customers by the end of 2017 including 95 percent of the Optimum footprint (increased significantly from a maximum speed for Optimum customers of 101 Mbps when Altice took over the business)

  • Altice USA continues to see an increasing number of customers upgrading their speed tiers with 90% of residential broadband gross additions taking download speed tiers of 100 Mbps or higher at the end of Q4 2017 (61 percent of the residential customer base now take speeds of 100 Mbps or higher, increased from just 21 percent at the end of Q4 2016)

  • Up to 1 Gigabit speeds were available for 29 percent of Altice USA’s customers by the end of 2017, representing 72 percent of the Suddenlink footprint where the Company continues to expand the availability of this service (increased from 40 percent prior to the Suddenlink acquisition)

  • These upgrades have allowed the company to meet customer demand for higher broadband speeds with the average broadband speed taken by Altice USA’s customer base more than doubling to 128 Mbps at the end of Q4 2017 (from 64 Mbps at the end of Q4 2016) with average data usage per customer reaching over 200 GB as of the end of 2017 as customers are using our broadband services more and more.


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